PUCL 36th JP Memorial Lecture
23rd March, 1977 was the day when the Emergency was lifted by Indira Gandhi’s government bowing to the force of people’s movement and democratic forces who vehemently opposed the imposition of Emergency on 26th June, 1975. Jayaprakash Narayan, was one of the key architects of the people’s movement against the dictatorial regime. Hence 23rd March every year is celebrated as JP Memorial day. […]

36th JP Memorial Lecture by Ramachandra Guha - to be held on March 23, 2016, Chennai

Rajinder Sachar_photo_1
Following is the Cover Story – Interview of Justice Sachar, published in Indian Currents, Dec. 7-13, 2015 Issue. Re-posted here with permission. 13 Dec., 2015   Justice (retd) Rajinder Sachar has been in forefront in defending human rights. He headed Prime Minister’s High Level Committee and in 2006 submitted the famous report on the socio-economic and educational status of Muslims in […]

India does not Belong to One Religion: Justice Sachar

1st December, 2015  “Government’s action has damaged democratic credential and tarnished image of India”. PUCL Statement on Repression on FTII students in Goa PUCL strongly condemns the Government of Goa and the organisers of the 46th IFFI (International Film Festival of India), 2015 for the harsh security crackdown on students of the FTII who had gone to Goa to participate and interact […]

PUCL Statement Condemning Police Crackdown on FTII Students in IFFI, ...

27thNovember, 2015    “Intolerance undermines dignity, freedom, equity,   equality, fraternity, creativity and Human Rights”   Press Statement on ‘Manufactured’ Intolerance of BJP Government and majoritarian forces to Aamir Khan’s remarks The debate on intolerance has been resurrected once again in the wake of the actor Amir Khan disclosing that his wife (a Hindu ) was so upset by the atmosphere of intolerance in […]

PUCL Statement on ‘Manufactured’ Intolerance of BJP Government and majoritarian ...

Rising Intolerance_India
7th November, 2015  Press Statement on Intolerance of BJP Government to Expression of Concern of Rising Intolerance in India   The People’s Union for Civil Liberties strongly condemns the hostility of the Union Government and the BJP to the writers, scientists, film makers and actors returning their awards to protest against the atmosphere of intolerance in the country and its Nazi-like […]

PUCL Statement on Intolerance of BJP Government to Expression of ...

Sri Lanka War Crimes
Press Statement September 25, 2015 The following demand was made during the National Council meeting of PUCL held in Allahabad on 19th and 20thSeptember 2015 relating to the demand for international investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against Tamils in north Sri Lanka by Sri Lankan Security Forces during the war years in 2009 and thereafter  Human Rights […]

PUCL National Council Statement on International Investigation of war crimes ...

Say NO to Aadhaar Campaign.018
900 million: enrolment to the Aadhaar / UID project! Several Thousands of Crores of Investment! Despite this, the entire process for years together now has been mired in controversies. We do our best to make sense of the controversial timeline. Read below: As one can see, the UID project has unjustifiable costs and has bypassed parliamentary and democratic processes. Further, […]

Say NO to Aadhaar: Part 7

Say NO to Aadhaar Campaign.009
Reason 4 to oppose the Aadhaar / UID project: The UID uses inappropriate and unproven technology As Kalyani Menon-Sen argues for the Campaign against the UID: Instead of facilitating inclusion, around 150 million people are likely to be excluded from benefits because of the UID scheme. Millions of Indians working in agriculture, construction workers and other manual labourers have worn-out fingers due […]

Say NO to Aadhaar: Part 6

Say NO to Aadhaar Campaign.008
Reason 3 to Oppose Aadhaar / UID: The centralised database storing biometric and demographic information, further connected to all social benefit schemes, runs the risk of “functionality creep”: The data can be used for policing and surveillance. As Kalyani Menon-Sen argues for the Campaign against the UID: The centralised database where personal data will be stored can easily be linked with other […]

Say NO to Aadhaar: Part 5

PUCL National Council Meeting 3
September 20, 2015 National Council of PUCL met in Allahabad on 19th and 20th of September 2015. About 70 delegates from 12 states participated in the convention. Following are the main decision made in the national convention. National Campaigns: PUCL has decided to launch national-level campaign involving all the state units across India starting from 1st January 2016. 1. PUCL […]

PUCL National Council Meeting 2015_Press Statement